Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I sell an item?

To sell an item, first you will need to register, and create a user profile. Your user profile allows buyers to correspond and pay you directly.  Once your registation is complete, follow the "Sell" link at the top of the page.  

How do I register to bid?

 You will be asked to supply your name, address and agree to the Terms & Conditions.  You will also be asked to establish a username and password. This username and password will allow you access to all Equine Auction Exchange Auctions. Once you've completed the registration process, your now ready to Buy and Sell. We recommend that you add Equine Auction Exchange to your list of contacts so that you will receive all your email notifications.  When you are logged in to Equine Auction Online your user name should appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

How does Auto Bid or Proxy Bid work?
Auto Bid or Proxy Bid allows you to place a bid for the maximum amount that you are willing to offer and the system will bid for you in increments necessary to keep your bid in the lead.  This feature levels the playing field for users that do not have fast internet service to keep up with bidding.

How can I keep track of items I'm watching in an auction?
Once you are registered and logged in, there is a "watch" feature. You can be watching multiple items in your account.  Once you have selected the watch feature the system will send you an email prior to the item ending.   If you have bid on an item, the system will alert you via email that you've bid or have been outbid on an item.

How does the Make Offer feature work?

The Make Offer feature allows a potential buyer to submit an offer on an item. That offer is then emailed directly to the seller.  The seller can accept the offer, change the price, shipping, etc to reflect the agreed details and notify the buyer of the changes.  Or the seller can counter the offer or simply decline it.  
This promotes our saying "It's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it"

How do I pay for an item?

To pay for an item you have successfully won, log into to your account. Then under the My Account tab, select Bidding > Won.  From there follow the "Check Out" link to pay for your item.  In the event a Seller has not selected the instant check out option, that Seller will need to email and invoice to the Buyer.

What if a buyer does not pay for an item?



How does Extended Bidding Work?
Extended bidding is a feature that if someone bids on an item in the last two minutes of the allowed time, that item will be extended for two additional minutes. This allows users with slower internet access to have adequate time to bid.

What time zone are the auctions in?
All auctions are held in eastern (EST) time zone.

Why are auction results not posted?
Auction results are not posted because that information is a contract between the buyer and seller.

How can I find out the reserve of an item?
Equine Auction Exchange makes it a policy NOT to disclose a reserve.  If a potential buyer contacts the consignor (seller) and he or she wishes to disclose that information that is at their discretion.

How can I change my reserve ?
Once an auction starts the reserve can NOT be changed.  Please make sure the reserve you set is the lowest dollar amount you will accept and let the auction method do its job.

How do bidding increments work?

Bidding increments are structured as such:
0 - $49  = $2.00
$50 - $249 = $5.00
$250 - $999 = $10.00
$1,000 + = $25.00

What advice can you give when buying an item?

Most importantly, read and understand the Terms & Conditions of the auction. Both buyers and sellers are bound by the Terms & Conditions.
1.Be sure to register for the online auction.
2.Research the online catalog, know which lots you are interested in.
3.Research the consignments and if necessary, contact the consignor prior to the auction.
4.Address any prepurchase concerns prior to the auction.
5.The auction method is a fast paced environment. Have your financial arrangements made prior to bidding. 

What advice can you give me to sell an item?

Most importantly, read and understand the Terms & Conditions of the auction. Both buyers and sellers are bound by the Terms & Conditions.
1.Have all paper work current and in order.
2.Include and research all information pertaining to your horse, such as points, monies earned, and eligibility.
3.Have your horse prepared as if you were going to show it to a perspective buyer.
4.Be sure your horse is presented in the best manner to show it’s discipline. Have your horse prepared with properly fitted tack and or equipment to enhance your horses appearance.
5.Pictures and videos should be the best quality available.
6.We recommend you take pictures of left and right profile, front and back and any blemishes that need to be noted
7.Videos are a must !  Videos are the most valuable marketing tool when selling your horse.  Your video should highlight your horses’ greatest attributes.  Buyers want to see your horse performing it’s job.
8.Do present your horse horse show ready on video
9.Do be short and precise when videoing.
10.Do, if possible use a video from a horse show.
11.Don’t spend to much time on one particular gate.
12.Don’t make a video of a compilations of pictures

“Consignors please represent your horses as they are, NOT as you wish they were.”

How can I get my horse hauled?
Please understand hauling or hauling arrangements is the responsibility of the buyer. Please research hauling options prior to making a purchase to avoid delays or additional cost.  Listed below are a few professional equine transporters.  Equine Auction Exchange only offers this as information and expresses no direct warranties or implied gaurantees :

Eagleton Farm Equine Logistics
Brian Eagleton
Conroe, TX

Travis Smith Equine Transport

Jason Ducharme Horse Co

JNS Equine Transport

How can I obtain insurance for my purchase?
Your purchase is your asset. We recommend you protect your assets with insurance.